what to serve with roasted root vegetables vegetarian

what to serve with roasted root vegetables vegetarian

Roasted Root Vegetable Dishes For Vegetarians

Roasted root vegetables make a delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal. Here’s what you need to know to serve up a tasty and satisfying meal of roasted root vegetables:

Choose Your Vegetables

The possibilities for roasted root vegetables are nearly endless. Here are some of the best choices for vegetarians:

  • Carrots – a classic root vegetable, carrots have a lot of flavor.
  • Beets – they have a sweet, earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with herbs and spices.
  • Parsnips – a slightly sweet root vegetable that is great for roasting.
  • Potatoes – a staple favourite for roasted root vegetables.
  • Sweet Potatoes – a great source of vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes are great for adding sweetness and a bit of subtle spice.

Pick Your Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can help bring out the flavor of roasted root vegetables. Here are some spices to try:

  • Thyme – this herb adds a hint of earthiness and a slight sweetness.
  • Cumin – brings out the flavour of carrots, beets and potatoes.
  • Garlic – garlic enhances the flavours of all roasted root vegetables.
  • Coriander – this spice adds a bright citrusy flavour.
  • Chili powder – adds a bit of heat and a depth of flavour.

Sample Recipes

Once you’ve chosen and prepared your vegetables, it’s time to get cooking! Here are some sample recipes for delicious roasted root vegetable dishes:

  • Roasted Carrots and Parsnips – combine sliced carrots and parsnips with olive oil, garlic, thyme, and salt and pepper. Roast at 375 degrees for 25 minutes, then add fresh parsley for a savory side dish.
  • Beet and Potato Mash – cube and boil beets and potatoes. Mash together with butter, cumin, garlic, and a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add a sprinkle of parsley for color and flavor.
  • Sweet Potato Fries – thinly slice sweet potatoes and toss with olive oil, chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder. Roast at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, turning once. Serve with ketchup or your favorite sauce.

With these tips, you’ll be able to serve up a delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal. Enjoy!

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