what vegetable am i

what vegetable am i

What Vegetable Am I?

Do you like vegetables? What would you say to finding out which one you are? Deciphering the type of vegetable you could be is often an interesting quest. Here are some ways to figure out your veggie identity.

Look at Your Physical Characteristics

Take a look around and compare how your physical characteristics match up with common vegetables. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have long arms like eggplants?
  • Am I round and sweet like a pumpkin?
  • Do I have a short and stout appearance like a potato?

Check for traits of the various varieties of common vegetables, such as their physical characteristics, shape, color, and texture.

Examine Your Eating Habits

How much time do you spend cooking vegetables? Do you have particular vegetables you prefer?

Analyze the vegetables you have been naturally drawn to. Is it a carrot you reach for? Do you go straight for the broccoli?

Do you enjoy raw or cooked vegetables? Is it shredded, crisp and crunchy? Or smooth and cooked down?

Finding out your favorite vegetable can help you determine what kind of vegetable you may be.

Think About Your Personality

Similarly, reflect on your personality traits. Are you a cucumber – cool and collected? Are you sweet like a yam or vibrant and bold like bell pepper?

You may connect more with a root vegetable that provides a solid foundation or perhaps a leafy greenhouse item like lettuce that draws attention to detail.

Do you become a pickle with its sharp flavor? Are you more of a mild onion?

In certain cases, the type of vegetable you are can be reflected in your individual likes and dislikes.


After completing these assessments you can discover what type of vegetable you may be. With the physical characteristics, your eating habits and personality traits to weigh in, you may be able to make some informed decisions about the type of vegetable you could be.

The data gathered from this experiment could be an interesting discovery and perhaps even give you a better understanding of yourself – or at least your veggie identity.

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