what vegetable can you hear growing

what vegetable can you hear growing

What Vegetables Do You Hear Growing?

Different vegetables make different noises when growing, though you might not always be able to hear them. Whether it’s a calming rustle or an odd swoosh, these vegetables may surprise you with the sounds they make!


Corn is known for its “rustling” sound when being grown. Its leaves make a gentle noise as the wind blows through them, creating a sort of calmness for those who hear it.


Cucumbers might look innocent, but they can make some strange noises when they’re growing! This can include buzzing, humming, or even a low, repetitive clicking.


Tomatoes are famous for their sweet and juicy taste, but they’re also known to make some unique noises while they’re growing. Depending on the size and shape of the tomato, you’ll be able to hear a mix of whistling, buzzing and even a “whooshing” when they make their way out of the vine.


The ever popular bean plants can make a wide variety of noises. This can range from a low humming to a high-pitched playing sound when the wind takes hold.


Carrots can make some of the more interesting noises when it comes to vegetables. The leaves grow in waves and make a sound similar to a rustling— almost as if it’s beckoning to you as it grows.

Whether you’re curious about the strange noises some vegetables make or just want to enjoy the calming sounds, hearing a vegetable grow is surely unique. Who knew vegetables could have so much personality when growing!

Sounds of Growing Vegetables

  • Corn: Rustling
  • Cucumbers: Buzzing, humming, low clicking
  • Tomatoes: Whistling, buzzing, whooshing
  • Beans: Low humming, high-pitched playing sound
  • Carrots: Rustling

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