what vegetable can you hear growing

what vegetable can you hear growing

Listening to Vegetables Growing

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to actually hear vegetables growing? Sure, you can see vegetables growing in your garden and you can keep an eye on them, but actually hearing them?

Well, it turns out, this isn’t such a far fetched idea. In fact, technology has now made it possible to pick up sound-waves emitted from nearby growing vegetables.

Which Vegetables can you Listen to?

There are a few vegetables that can actually make localized sounds that you can listen to. Here are a few:

  • Carrots – Carrots actually make a tiny noise while they’re growing. The sound they make is very low and compared to the sound of a tick. They’re more easily heard with a mic.
  • Tomatoes – Tomatoes make a small click or snap. The sound is emitted by the cells of the tomatoes as they rupture and break as the tomato develops.
  • Beets – While beets typically don’t make enough sound for it to be heard by humans, they do make a squashy sound. This sound is detectable by special microphones that pick up the noise.

How is the Sound of Vegetables Detected?

These tiny sounds are picked up by special microphones placed right next to the vegetables, that can detect minute sound waves.

The sound waves are then turned into algorithms which help to tell the difference between healthy plants and unhealthy ones.

As an example, a certain kind of sound might indicate when a plant needs more water, or more sunlight.

The Future of Listening to Vegetables Growing

In the future, scientists and farmers may be able to detect sound waves from vegetables in order to better monitor their growth and health.

This technology holds lots of promise, as it could help optimize the way we grow vegetables in the future.

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