what vegetable can you hear growing

what vegetable can you hear growing

What Vegetables Can You Hear Growing?

It’s hard to imagine that you can hear vegetables growing, yet some vegetables do make noises as they grow. From crunching and snorting to grunting and crunching, these noisy veggies can make a fascinating addition to your garden.


Carrots are perhaps the first vegetable people think of when they imagine hearing vegetables grow. While they may look lumpy and inanimate, carrots actually make a loud, crunching noise when they’re growing. This is because their roots must grow down through the soil, breaking and crunching through it as they do.


Cucumbers are another vegetable people can hear growing. As the cucumber grows and develops, it releases a gas called ethylene. This gas causes the cucumber to make a snoring or grunting noise when it’s exposed to air.


Tomatoes also make a grunting noise when they’re growing. As the tomato’s stem swells and ruptures while it’s growing, it emits what sounds like a grunt. The noise is caused by the release of gas from the tomato’s stem.

Other Vegetables

Other vegetables have been known to make sound as they grow, including:

  • Cabbage – releasing gas as the cabbage grows, it sounds like it’s crinkling.
  • Corn – when the kernels swell, they can make a popping sound.
  • Pumpkins – pumpkins make a crunching sound as they expand.

Although it may sound unusual, hearing vegetables grow can be a fascinating experience. So, if you’re looking for something different in your garden, why not give noisy vegetables a try?

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