what vegetable can you hear growing

what vegetable can you hear growing

What Vegetables Can You Hear Growing?

It may sound impossible, but believe it or not, you can actually hear certain vegetables growing! Different vegetables have different noises associated with their growth, and while some of them may not be altogether pleasant – some might even startle you – these sounds can have some interesting acoustic effects as well.


Carrots are the loudest vegetable of the bunch, as they invariably make a crunching noise while growing. This noise is caused by the fibrous structure of the cell walls as they get stretched out while the carrot grows. It’s a bit of an alarming noise, one that might catch you off guard the first time you hear it, but once you know what’s causing it you’ll start to appreciate the soft, crunchy sound that carrots make as they’re growing.


When celery is growing, you’ll hear a different sound altogether. Instead of a crunching noise, celery produces a faint bubbling sound – this is the result of air being trapped between the plant’s cells, which causes bubbles to form as it grows. This bubbling is more of a subtle background noise than a loud crunching sound, but it is still a distinct and noticeable sound.


Peas are perhaps the most musical of all the vegetables, as they make a strange creaking noise. This is the result of the individual cells of the pea stretching as it grows, which creates a creaky, almost jazzy sound. It’s really quite a neat and unique noise, one that no other vegetable can match.


Vegetables can make quite a variety of sounds as they grow – from crunching noise of carrots to the bubbling sound of celery and the creaky noise of peas. These sounds are a reminder of the complexity of nature, and they are a beautiful thing to experience and appreciate.

  • Carrots – Crunching noise
  • Celery – Bubbling sound
  • Peas – Creaky noise

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