what vegetable goes well with lobster

what vegetable goes well with lobster

Vegetables to Pair with Lobster

Lobster is a luxurious dish that tastes amazing on its own, but pairing it with vegetables can help to create an even more scrumptious dish. Here are the best vegetables to pair with lobster:


This classic green veggie goes perfect with lobster and can help to bring out the most flavor from the lobster. Grilling, roasting, or steaming the asparagus will bring out an amazing nutty flavor that complements the lobster nicely.


Using tomatoes is one of the best ways to bring color and flavor to the dish. Grill or roast the tomatoes to bring out their sweetness and then pair them with the lobster.


Mushrooms are a great vegetable to pair with lobster. Be sure to cook them correctly to get the most flavor out of them. Sauteing or roasting the mushrooms will bring out amazing flavor that will pair well with the lobster.


Carrots are an underrated veggie to pair with lobster. They bring a sweetness to the dish that helps to balance out the flavor of the lobster. Try grilling or roasting the carrots to bring out the most flavor.


Broccoli is a great veggie to add to any lobster dish. Roasting or steaming the broccoli will bring out the sweetness of the dish and pair nicely with the lobster.

No matter which vegetable you choose, it’s sure to make your lobster dish that much more delicious. Get creative and try new combinations to make a dish that’s all your own!

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