what vegetable goes well with lobster

what vegetable goes well with lobster

Vegetables to Complement Lobster

Lobster is a traditional favorite in many cuisines throughout the world. Whether served in a bisque, steamed, grilled or boiled, lobster is the main star of a seafood-based meal. A good way to genuinely round out the flavor of a lobster dish is to add vegetables to the plate. Here are a few great options that bring out the depths of flavor that lobster can provide.


Carrots are an easy option to add some color and flavor to any plate. Carrots pair best with boiled lobster, because their sweetness and crunch balance out the savory, lobster flavor nicely. To further develop the flavor, try lightly sautéing the carrots with salt, pepper and fresh parsley.


Asparagus is a great option for any lobster dish. Its light flavor and grassy-like notes perfectly balance with the richness of the lobster. The best way to cook them is to steam them. To enhance the flavor even more, top with a bit of melted butter, freshly cracked black pepper, and a sprinkle of lemon juice.


Tomatoes add a subtle sweetness and freshness to a plate of lobster. To really bring out their flavor, try roasting them in a hot oven with a bit of olive oil and some Italian spices. Serve them alongside boiled, steamed, or grilled lobster for a great flavor combination.


Potatoes are a classic accompaniment to lobster and a great way to add substance to a plate. Boiling or steaming them in a bit of seawater helps bring out all of the natural flavors of the potatoes. A sprinkle of sea salt and freshly cracked pepper adds a touch of zing to the potatoes. Serve them with your favorite lobster preparation for a hearty and delicious meal.


Lemon is the perfect accompaniment to lobster. It adds a tartness and brightness to the lobster without overpowering its delicate flavour. Serve wedges of lemon alongside boiled or steamed lobster for an extra burst of flavor.


No matter what vegetables you choose to go with your lobster, they will always bring out the rich flavors of the seafood. Whether it’s steamed asparagus, roasted tomatoes, boiled potatoes, or tangy lemon, these vegetables are sure to make your lobster dish even more enjoyable.

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