what vegetable goes well with lobster

what vegetable goes well with lobster

Companion Vegetables for Lobster

Lobster is a delicious and elegant entrée for a special occasion. Its sweet, delicate taste can be enhanced by pairing with complementary sides. When deciding what vegetable to serve with lobster, consider the flavors of the dish, as well as the overall presentation. Here is a list of the best vegetables that go well with lobster:


Corn’s natural sweetness and bright yellow hue make it a popular side dish for lobster. Grilled, boiled or roasted corn-on-the-cob pairs perfectly with steamed or boiled lobster. Or, incorporate cream style corn into a classic lobster casserole.


Asparagus is a classic accompaniment to lobster, especially since its mild flavor complements the slight sweetness of the seafood. Asparagus can be served steamed or grilled, alongside boiled or steamed lobster.


Various forms of potatoes are commonly used in lobster dishes. Whether boiled and paired with chilled lobster salad, mashed in a classic lobster casserole, or oven-roasted with clarified butter, potatoes are an excellent way to add heft and flavor to a lobster dinner.


Carrots are a great pairing with lobster for their subtle sweetness and vibrant color. Sauté julienne carrots with shallots and butter for a light side dish, or incorporate them into a lobster chowder.


Mushrooms provide an earthy flavor to lobster dishes. Grilled portobello mushrooms make a savory side to steak-style lobster tails, while sautéed wild mushrooms give a creamy contrast to the seafood.


Spinach provides an excellent counterpoint to the sweetness of lobster. Make a salad with steamed lobster and fresh spinach leaves or combine the two with cream sauce, pasta and cheese for a savory indulgence.

No matter which vegetable you choose, serve it with lobster for a beautiful and tasty seafood dinner.

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