what vegetable goes with cacio e pepe

what vegetable goes with cacio e pepe

Vegetables for Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e Pepe is one of the most popular Italian dishes. It is a simple dish, traditionally made up of just spaghetti, cheese and black pepper. To complete the meal, some additional vegetables can be added to give the dish more flavour and texture. Here are some popular vegetables that go great with Cacio e Pepe.


Zucchini adds a nice freshness to the dish, while maintaining the creamy texture of the cheese. Zucchini can be grated or diced and used as a topping over your Cacio e Pepe.


Broccoli adds a great crunch and colour to this pasta dish. It also pairs nicely with the cheese and pepper. You can cook the broccoli before adding it to the dish, or you can try adding some raw for a crunchier texture.


Carrots add a great sweetness that pairs well with the salty Parmesan cheese. You can use them in a variety of ways such as grating them over the top, steaming them as a side dish, or even roasting them in the oven for an extra special touch.


Peas are an excellent addition to Cacio e Pepe. They add some sweetness, colour and a burst of flavour. You can either use fresh or frozen peas, or even canned peas if you prefer.


Spinach adds a great amount of nutrients to this dish. You can add some raw spinach at the end when serving the Cacio e Pepe, or you can sauté it with the other vegetables beforehand.


Adding vegetables to your Cacio e Pepe is an easy way to give this classic Italian dish some extra flavour and texture. Whether you choose to use zucchini, broccoli, carrots, peas or spinach, there is sure to be a vegetable that will pair perfectly with this dish.

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