what vegetable goes with kielbasa

what vegetable goes with kielbasa

What Vegetables go with Kielbasa?

Kielbasa is a classic Polish sausage with a robust flavor that goes well with many dishes. While kielbasa can be served as the main ingredient of a dish, it is often combined with a variety of vegetables that complement its robust flavor. Below is a list of some of the most popular vegetables to serve with kielbasa:

Starchy Vegetables

  • Potatoes: Roasted potatoes are a common complement to a variety of sausages. For best results, parboil in salted water before roasting in to the oven.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Diced sweet potatoes are a great addition to a kielbasa dish because they pair beautifully with the sausage’s robust flavor.
  • Rutabaga: Cubes of rutabaga can be roasted with potatoes for a classic side dish.
  • Parsnips: Thinly sliced parsnips lend a sweet flavor to a kielbasa dish when sautéed on the stove top.

Non-Starchy Vegetables

  • Asian Greens: Stir-frying greens such as Chinese broccoli and bok choy is a great way to get a balance of flavors and textures with your kielbasa dish.
  • Onions : Sliced onions add flavor and texture when sautéed with kielbasa.
  • Peas: Adding peas to your kielbasa dish is a great way to get some color and sweetness to the plate.
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms are a classic accompaniment to kielbasa and can be sautéed with the other vegetables.

No matter what combination of vegetables you choose to serve with kielbasa, it is sure to be a delicious and hearty meal. Feel free to experiment with your favorite vegetables for a unique flavor combination!

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