what vegetable goes with kielbasa

what vegetable goes with kielbasa

Vegetables to Pair with Kielbasa

Kielbasa is a flavorful, traditional Polish sausage, found in many households. It is often served with a variety of vegetable sides, to make a wholesome meal. Here are some tasty side dishes to accompany your kielbasa:

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are hearty and have a unique earthy flavor. Consider roasting:

  • Carrots, cut into small pieces for faster cooking
  • Potatoes, diced and tossed with olive oil and spices for a crisp flavor
  • Turnips, cubed and seasoned with garlic and rosemary
  • Parsnips, cut into french fries and baked for a savory snack

Green Veggies

Adding some great green vegetables to your kielbasa will bring fresh flavor and provide extra nutrition. Consider cooking:

  • Broccoli, steamed and lightly spiced
  • Kale, sautéed with garlic and lemon
  • Green Beans, stir-fried with onions and mushrooms
  • Asparagus, roasted and sprinkled with Parmesan

Quick & Easy Veggies

For a quick meal, add easy-to-cook vegetables to your kielbasa. Try:

  • Corn, microwaved for a few minutes and doused with butter
  • Mushrooms, sautéed and seasoned with paprika
  • Cucumbers, sliced thinly and lightly dressed
  • Tomatoes, diced and tossed with a vinaigrette

Kielbasa is a terrific main dish, with many possibilities for accompanying vegetables. There is something for everyone! Experiment and have fun creating your favorite kielbasa and veggie combination. Enjoy!

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