what vegetable goes with lasagna

what vegetable goes with lasagna

What Vegetables Go With Lasagna?

Lasagna is an Italian classic and is one of the most beloved dishes around the world. Lasagna can be made with a variety of different ingredients, but when it comes to deciding which vegetables to pair it with, the options can seem quite daunting. Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious vegetable options that work perfectly with lasagna. Here are some of the best veggies to pair with lasagna.


Zucchini is a great choice for lasagna. It is full of flavor, has a nice texture, and pairs nicely with the cheese and tomato sauces often used in this dish. Zucchini can be cut into thin slices and layered between the layers of lasagna, or diced up and added on top as a garnish.


Mushrooms are another popular ingredient used in lasagna and add a depth of flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. Button mushrooms, portabella, or wild mushrooms are all great choices. Simply sauté them before adding them to the dish to bring out optimal flavor.


Spinach is not just healthy, but also delicious! This leafy green vegetable adds a wonderful flavor to lasagna, and can also add a great texture when cooked until just wilted.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers, specifically red or yellow, are great to use in lasagna. They add freshness and crunch to a dish that can often be quite heavy.


Eggplant is another tasty way to add a bit of flavor and texture to your lasagna. It absorbs the flavors of the sauces, and adds an almost creamy texture.

Onions and Garlic

Finally, onions and garlic are classic ingredients that are often found in lasagna. Finely dice them, or slice them into thin rings, and layer them in the dish to give it a punch of flavor.

These vegetables can all be combined in different ways to come up with a delicious lasagna that everyone will enjoy. Whether you choose just one or combine multiple into the dish, you are sure to have a delicious and filling meal.Lasagna is a great way to get in all your vegetables in one dish – so why not get creative and mix it up!

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