what vegetable goes with scalloped potatoes and ham

what vegetable goes with scalloped potatoes and ham

Vegetable Side Dishes to Go With Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

Scalloped potatoes and ham is a classic comforting dish. To make it complete and balanced, you need to add a vegetable side. Here are some great options that pair well.

Green Beans

Green beans are a natural companion to scalloped potatoes and ham. The lighter taste helps offset the richness of the dish. For variation, try paring your beans with melted butter, onions, mushrooms, or even bacon.


Steamed broccoli is a popular side dish that goes with a variety of main courses. Broccoli adds a nice crunch to the potatoes and ham, plus it’s loaded with vitamins and fiber. Even better, broccoli cooks quickly, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing it.


Carrots add a sweet, earthy flavor and vibrant color to the dish. They are also a great source of Vitamin A and many other important nutrients. Stir-frying, roasting, or steaming are all excellent ways to cook carrots.


Corn is another tasty option that pairs well with scalloped potatoes and ham. To make it healthier, use canned corn that has been mixed with reduced-fat cream or even Greek yogurt. To add more flavor, top your corn with Parmesan cheese, garlic, and chives before baking.

In conclusion, scalloped potatoes and ham can be a delicious and comforting meal. To make it complete, you should serve it with a vegetable side. Here are some great options:

  • Green Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Corn

Whichever side you choose to go with your potatoes and ham, you’re sure to have a winning meal.

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