what vegetable grows fast enough that you can hear it

what vegetable grows fast enough that you can hear it

Accelerated growth of Certain Vegetables

Certain vegetables have a unique ability to grow very quickly, so quickly that one can even hear them expanding. Several vegetables have been reported to have growth rates that can be easily heard with the human ear.

List of Vegetables with Extraordinary Growth Rates

  • Green Onions – Green onions are a very popular vegetable because of their aroma and delicate flavour. While relatively small, green onions can grow quickly. In fact, if a bundle of green onions is left out overnight, one may hear the stalks inaudibly expanding!
  • Cucumbers – Another vegetable that is known for its accelerated growing rates is the cucumber. Cucumbers are quick to sprout from its seeds and mature very quickly. Interestingly enough, the cucumbers can expand much faster than the human ear can hear.
  • Radishes – The popular red vegetable known as the radish grows very quickly in the right environment. It has been said that the sprouting of radishes can be heard quite clearly in a quiet room or kitchen.

Growing Techniques

Growing these vegetables in smaller containers or soil can regulate and hasten the growth process. This is due to the soil being tightly compact which compels the vegetable to stretch, expand and mature quickly. Also, depending on the climate, enough sunshine and water must be provided for optimal growth.


Growing certain vegetables, such as green onions, cucumbers and radishes, can be done in a short amount of time. Although there are several more vegetables that grow quickly, these three are known for their accelerated growth process. This allows people to hear vegetables growing in the comfort of their own home and enjoy the results.

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