what vegetable has eyes

what vegetable has eyes

Vegetables With Eyes

Many vegetables have eyes, but did you know that some of the most popular and commonly consumed vegetables have eyes? Here are some vegetables that have eyes:


Carrots are probably the most famous of all the vegetables that have eyes. Carrot eyes are usually located at the tops of the carrots, which is also called the crown of the carrot. These are the eyes that will eventually sprout leaves.


Potatoes typically have several eyes located on the skin of the potato. The eyes are usually located in clusters, and these eyes are the part of the potato that will sprout new plants when given the right environment.


Radishes have eyes too, which are usually seen on the crunchy, edible portions of the radish. The eyes can be black, brown or pink in color.


Garlic has eyes too! They are actually called cloves, and each of the garlic bulbs have several cloves packed with flavor.


Onions also have eyes, which can be seen when the onion is sliced open. The eyes are the small sprouts that form in the onion, and these eyes will also sprout new onions if given the right environment.

Other Vegetables

Many other vegetables have eyes, including butternut squash, pumpkins, zucchini, and many other fruits and vegetables that have seeds inside.

All in all, vegetables with eyes can make for an interesting conversation starter or a fun game. So the next time you’re in the garden or the grocery store, take a look at some of the veggies and see which of them have eyes!

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