what vegetables are in season in north carolina

what vegetables are in season in north carolina

Which Vegetables are in Season in North Carolina?

North Carolina has an abundance of fresh produce. Here is a look at what vegetables are currently in season:

Fall Vegetables

  • Arugula: October-November
  • Beets: October-November
  • Broccoli: October-November
  • Carrots: October-March
    • Chard: October-November
    • Collard Greens: October-April
    • Leeks: October-April
    • Kale: October-April
    • Winter Squash: October-February
    • Onions: October-June

    Winter Vegetables

    • Broccoli: November-December
    • Cabbage: November-April
    • Carrots: November-April
    • Collard Greens: November-April
    • Kale: November-April
    • Onions: November-May
    • Potatoes: November-June

    Spring Vegetables

    • Asparagus: April-June
    • Carrots: April-July
    • Collard Greens: April-June
    • Kale: April-August
    • Potatoes: April-September
    • Radishes: April-July


    In North Carolina, you can find an abundance of fresh in-season produce. From fall to spring, there are always delicious vegetables to be found.

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