what vegetables are in season in north carolina

what vegetables are in season in north carolina

Vegetables in Season in North Carolina

North Carolina is known for its abundant farms! Packed with plenty of produce, the state has a diverse in-season selection of vegetables throughout the year. Here is the list of vegetables that are in season during different months in North Carolina.

Spring Vegetables

  • Asparagus: April – June
  • Snap Peas: April – June
  • Squash: April – June
  • Lettuce: April – June
  • Carrots: April – June
  • Beets: April – June
  • Radishes: April – June

Summer Vegetables

  • Tomatoes: May – October
  • Cucumbers: June – August
  • Zucchini: June – September
  • Corn: June – October
  • Green Beans: June – October
  • Okra: June – August
  • Peppers: July – October

Fall Vegetables

  • Onions: August – October
  • Potatoes: August – November
  • Garlic: August – October
  • Mushrooms: September – November
  • Sweet Potatoes: September – November
  • Brussels Sprouts: October – December
  • Kale: October – December

North Carolina has plenty of produce options to choose from year-round! From asparagus, lettuce and snap peas to tomatoes, peppers, and Brussels sprouts, count on the fast-growing state to always keep your grocery list full.

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