what vegetables are used in hibachi

what vegetables are used in hibachi

What Vegetables are Used in Hibachi?

Hibachi, also known as Teppanyaki, is a Japanese cooking style that is enjoyed around the world. Usually cooked on an iron griddle, the ingredients used in Hibachi are cooked with butter, garlic, and other seasonings to provide flavorful dishes that are often served with a side of rice.

The vegetables usually used in Hibachi dishes typically consist of the following:


Onions give Hibachi dishes a sweet and crunchy texture. They are usually sliced in half moons and stir-fried for a few minutes.

Green Peppers

Green peppers are often added for color and flavor to the dish. They are usually julienned to provide a crunchy texture to the meal.


Edible mushrooms, such as shiitake and white button mushrooms, are used in many Hibachi dishes. The mushrooms can be sliced and stir-fried with the other ingredients.


Carrots are often cut into thin strips and stir-fried with the other vegetables. The carrots provide sweetness and texture to the dish.


Zucchini is a great way to add some crunch to Hibachi dishes. It can be cut into discs or strips and stir-fried with the other vegetables.


Beans, such as green beans and snow peas, are also commonly used in Hibachi dishes. They can be stir-fried with the other vegetables or cooked separately.

These vegetables are just some of the many ingredients used in Hibachi dishes. The addition of other vegetables, meats, and sauces make these dishes flavorful and unique. Whether you choose to make your own Hibachi dishes at home or enjoy them in a restaurant, these ingredients will help make your dish a delicious feast.

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