what vegetables can be planted in june

what vegetables can be planted in june

What Vegetables Can be Planted in June?

June is a month of good garden weather and provides many opportunities to plant vegetables that grow best in warm weather and long days. It’s a great time to fill your vegetable garden with all kinds of flavorful and nutritious produce. Here are some of the vegetables you can plant in June:


Beans are a great option to plant in June, as they are usually ready to harvest within 2 months. Plant both bush and pole beans on the same day for a continuous supply of the fruit.


To ensure that your corn remains sweet and juicy, plant it in June. You’ll want to make sure that you give each plant plenty of space as they can reach up to 7 feet tall.


Cucumbers are a warm weather crop that you can plant in June. If you keep the soil consistently moist, you can harvest this fruit in just 65 to 70 days.


Tomatoes thrive in June temperatures and require full sun. Plant tomatoes in well-drained soil and be sure to provide supports like stakes or cages to help the plants grow. You can expect to harvest fresh tomatoes in just 70 to 80 days.


Peppers enjoy the warm weather, so planting them in June is ideal. If your summer is long enough, you can harvest peppers throughout the season.

Overall, these are just some of the delicious and nutritious vegetables you can plant in June. With the right planning and care for each plant, you can enjoy fresh produce all summer long.

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