what vegetables can be planted now in louisiana

what vegetables can be planted now in louisiana

What Vegetables Can Be Planted Now in Louisiana?

Louisiana has a long growing season that is full of possibilities for planting many types of vegetables. Planting can start as early as January and continue through October, so there is plenty of opportunity to get a great harvest. Here are some ideas for vegetables to plant in Louisiana now:

Cool Season Vegetables

  • Peas and Beans: Plant peas and beans in late January or early February for a spring harvest.
  • Cabbage and other Brassicas: Plant these vegetable cousins around mid-February for an early-summer harvest.
  • Lettuce and Greens: Plant lettuce and greens in late February or early March for a mid-summer harvest.
  • Root Vegetables: Plant root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and beets in late March or early April for a late-summer harvest.

Warm Season Vegetables

  • Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants: These vegetables should be planted in early April or May for a mid-summer harvest.
  • Squash and Melons: Plant squash and melons in mid-May or early June for an early to mid-autumn harvest.
  • Corn: Plant corn in late May or early June for a late-autumn harvest.

Whether you are planting cool season vegetables or warm season vegetables, there are many options in Louisiana for planting now and getting a great harvest. With a long growing season, it is possible to get a variety of vegetables throughout the year. Happy Planting!

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