what vegetables can grow with sunflowers

what vegetables can grow with sunflowers

Vegetables You Can Grow With Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a beautiful sight in any garden, adding vibrancy and cheer to their surroundings. But did you know growing sunflowers also offers you an opportunity to grow additional vegetables in your garden? Here is a list of vegetables you can grow with sunflowers.

Bush Beans

Bush beans are a great option for growing alongside sunflowers. They’re known to benefit from sunflower stalks’ shade and nitrogen-rich leaves. They’re also a great companion plant for sunflowers because bush beans are susceptible to aphids, which sunflowers can naturally ward off.


Greens, like lettuce and spinach, can also take refuge under the sunflower stalks. They thrive from having shade and will receive some protection from predators from the sunflower’s tall stalk as well.


Corn is a great companion for sunflowers. Not only can the corn take advantage of the nitrogen-rich soil from the sunflower’s leaves, but the corn stalks can climb up the tall sunflower stalk, giving the corn some room to stretch and plenty of sunlight.


Potatoes can also benefit from growing alongside sunflowers. The sunflower’s deep root system can help potato plants develop deep roots, while the sunflower’s leaves can help the potatoes stay weed-free.

All in all, sunflowers can be beneficial for growing a variety of additional vegetables in your garden. All it takes is some thought and creativity to reap the rewards. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your garden, consider planting some sunflowers and growing vegetables alongside them.

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