what vegetables does subway have

what vegetables does subway have

Vegetables at Subway

At Subway, you’ll find a variety of fresh vegetables that can help you create just the type of meal you’re craving. Here are a few of the healthy vegetables that can be found in Subway’s salads and sandwiches:


Subway offers several lettuce options to make your sandwich or salad fresh, crunchy and nutritious. Choose from iceberg, spinach, romaine, and even baby spinach if you’re keeping an eye on calorie and sodium intake.


Tomatoes come in a few different varieties at Subway. Options include vine-ripened tomatoes, slices of red tomato, Roma tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.

Bell Peppers

Subway also offers yellow, green, and red bell peppers to add sweetness and crunch to your sandwich.


Jalapenos add a nice bit of zip and spice to your Subway sandwich or salad.


Fresh cucumbers are also available to add more crunchy freshness to your meal.


Subway also carries several types of olives, including black and green olives.

Banana Peppers

Banana peppers add a bit of zing to your meal.


Adding pickles can really help to bring out the flavor in your sandwich.

In conclusion, Subway offers a wide selection of vegetables to choose from, ensuring that your sandwich or salad comes out exactly the way you like. Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply aiming for a healthier meal, Subway has the veggies for you.

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