what vegetables go good with sauerkraut

what vegetables go good with sauerkraut

Vegetables to Pair with Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is an incredibly versatile ingredient, offering a delicious blend of sweet, tangy, and acidic flavors. However, it pairs best with certain vegetables. Here are a few vegetables that go well with sauerkraut:


Carrots are sweet and crunchy, making them a great accompaniment for sauerkraut. Consider roasting them for extra flavor and texture, or adding them to a casserole for a full-rounded meal.


The neutral-yet-satisfying flavor of potatoes pairs perfectly with sauerkraut. Roast them in the oven or pan-fry them with some onions and spices.


Cauliflower is a great counterpart to the acidity of sauerkraut. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile — try roasting it or adding it to a salad.

Brussels Sprouts

These little cabbage-like veggies are surprisingly savory and provide depth to sauerkraut dishes. Try grilling or baking your Brussels sprouts and then tossing them with sauerkraut for added flavor.


Turnips are a great way to add warmth and sweetness to sauerkraut dishes. Consider tossing them with onions, potatoes, and sauerkraut and then pan-frying the mixture for a satisfying meal.

Bottom Line: Sauerkraut is best enjoyed when paired with complementary vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and turnips. Whether you’re roasting, grilling, or pan-frying your veggies, you’re sure to have a tasty and interesting meal.

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