what vegetables go well with sage

what vegetables go well with sage

Combining Sage with Vegetables

Sage is an aromatic herb that’s both tasty and visually appealing – perfect for spicing up a range of dishes. When it comes to pairing this flavor-packed herb, there’s a variety of vegetables that have the potential to go really well with sage. Here are a few of the veggies that complement it ideally:


Carrots and sage can be an excellent combination, whether you choose to roast, steam, mash or blend them. Try out carrot soup with a sprinkle of sage for an additional herby kick – perfect for a cold winter’s day.


Potatoes pair beautifully with sage and can be cooked in many different ways. A classic combination is crispy potatoes with sage leaves fried until fragrant for a perfect side. Alternatively, try mashed potatoes with sage leaves folded through the mixture for a twist.


Onions and sage are a classic combination usually found in stuffing recipes. Many will fry their onion in butter first before adding their chopped sage leaves to intensify the flavor.

Light Vegetables

Light vegetables such as asparagus or green beans have a subtle flavor that can be overpowered by sage. To make sure the vegetables still contribute to the overall dish, fry the sage in butter first and then cook your vegetables in the butter. This way, you’ll get the strong sage flavor with a hint of buttery taste – delicious!

Seasonal Vegetables

For the perfect seasonal dish, consider adding some seasonal vegetables to your sage-based meal. Depending on the season, this could include pumpkin, courgette, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts – all veggies that work excellently with the flavor of the herb. Try roasting these seasonal specials with thyme, sage and olive oil for an added twist.

Eating sage in combination with these vegetables can produce truly tantalizing dishes that will tantalize the taste-buds with each bite!

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