what vegetables go well with sage

what vegetables go well with sage

What Vegetables Go Well with Sage?

Sage is a delicate yet fragrant herb with a unique flavor. It adds complexity to many dishes and can be used to enhance the flavors of a variety of vegetables. Here are some vegetable pairings that go perfectly with fresh or dried sage:

1. Potatoes

Sage and potatoes is a classic combination that works great in potato dishes like mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes. Roasted potatoes with sage are a simple yet flavorful side dish that can accompany a variety of entrées.

2. Carrots

The sweetness of the carrots pairs nicely with the earthy flavor of sage. Try adding some chopped fresh sage to carrots when preparing them roasted, boiled, or mashed.

3. Squash

The sweetness of squash and the flavor of sage blend perfectly when added together. Try adding sage to your next batch of roasted squash or add some freshly chopped sage to your favorite squash soup or casserole dish.

4. Tomatoes

The mild flavor of tomatoes melds well with the flavor of sage. Add some fresh or dried sage to your tomato sauce or use it as a flavor enhancer in a great-tasting bruschetta or tomato-based soup.

5. Onions

Onions are a great base for different flavor combinations. Sage and onion is a classic pairing and adding some fresh or dried sage to your favorite roasted onion dish will create a great flavor.

6. Mushrooms

Mushrooms and sage is a match made in heaven. Adding some fresh or dried sage to mushroom recipes like stuffed mushrooms or creamy mushroom sauce will be sure to bring out the flavor of both ingredients.


Adding sage to vegetable dishes is a great way to add depth of flavor. Give these vegetable and sage pairings a try for your next meal to experience how well the two work together!

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