what vegetables go with butter chicken

what vegetables go with butter chicken

What Vegetables Go With Butter Chicken?

Butter chicken is a rich, tasty dish found in Indian curries. It also pairs nicely with a variety of vegetables prepared in different ways. Whether you’re roasting your vegetables or steaming them, there are several vegetable options to complement your butter chicken.

Roasted Vegetable Options

  • Potatoes: Potatoes are versatile and commonly used in Indian cuisine. They can be roasted and added to the curry or cut into cubes and fried in a pan.
  • Carrots: Carrots roasted and added to the butter chicken pairs nicely with the creamy tomato-based sauce.
  • Eggplant: Eggplant is a common vegetable found in many curries in India. Roast it first and then add it to the butter chicken to give the dish more texture and flavor.

Steamed Vegetable Options

  • Green beans: Green beans can be steamed and added to the butter chicken for a crunchy texture.
  • Cauliflower: Cauliflower adds a mild flavor when steamed and added to curry. Break it up into small florets to best complement the butter chicken sauce.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli is a classic choice for a side vegetable to butter chicken. Steamed or boiled broccoli adds a bit of texture to the dish.

No matter what vegetable you choose, it will pair nicely with the rich, creamy texture of butter chicken. Whether you choose to roast or steam your vegetables, be sure to add them to the curry while it simmers on low heat so they absorb all the flavors of the sauce. Enjoy your delicious butter chicken with a variety of vegetables!

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