what vegetables go with cabbage

what vegetables go with cabbage

What Vegetables Go Well with Cabbage

Cabbage is a versatile vegetable, and can go well with a range of other vegetables in a meal. Here are some popular options that make the most of this nutrition-packed vegetable.


Tomatoes are an excellent complement to cabbage, adding a burst of flavor and a pop of color. Try chopping some cherry tomatoes as a lightly cooked side dish. You can also add them to your stir fry when eating cabbage for a delicious taste.


Onions bring out the sweet and savory taste in cabbage, and the two go together particularly well. Try slowly frying some onions and adding them to your cabbage dish. Or, use them as an oven-roasted side dish for a highly delicious complement to your meal.


Carrots are an excellent addition to cabbage dishes. They bring out the natural sweetness of vegetables, such as cabbage. You can roast them in the oven, or try slicing some and stir-frying them with your cabbage. Carrots also work well in salads alongside cabbage.


Potatoes are a popular accompaniment to cabbage. They are filling, and you can prepare them in a variety of different ways. Roasting potatoes in the oven with cabbage is a classic combination, or you can try boiling them or mashing them as a tasty side dish.


Beans are also a great accompaniment to cabbage, adding some plant-based protein to your meal. Opt for a red bean chili or black beans in your cabbage dish. You can also try adding kidney beans, navy beans, or pinto beans to your stir fry.

Other vegetables

There are plenty of other vegetables that can complement your cabbage dishes, such as:

  • Bell peppers: these are a great addition to stir-fries for a burst of flavor
  • Mushroom: mushrooms are a great compliment to cabbage in pasta dishes
  • Zucchini: add some zucchini to your cabbage and tomato pasta for some extra vitamins
  • Broccoli: give your cabbage a nutritional boost with some cooked broccoli
  • Kale: pair cabbage with some kale to bring out the sweetness in both vegetables

As you can see, cabbage is a highly versatile vegetable that can be easily enjoyed with a selection of different vegetables. Try out some of these combinations to give your cabbage dish a unique flavor.

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