what vegetables grow in winter in texas

what vegetables grow in winter in texas

Vegetables That Thrive in Texas Winter

Texas winters offer farmers and gardeners many varieties of vegetables that flourish despite the cooler temperatures. Here are some of the vegetables that can grow through and even thrive in the Texas winter:


Kale is a very hardy vegetable that makes a good winter crop. Best planted in the fall, it takes advantage of the cooler temperatures and higher levels of humidity of the colder days. You can harvest kale all through winter, with some varieties even surviving severe frosts.


Spinach also loves cooler temperatures, and can be planted in late summer or early fall to enjoy through the winter months. Planters should be aware that spinach does not tolerate extreme changes in temperature well, so cover the plant on particularly cold days.


Garlic is one of the few vegetables you can plant in fall or late winter for harvest in spring. Garlic grows best when subjected to a chill during the winter months, and can survive temperatures down to the teens.


Carrots are cold-hardy vegetables that are perfect for Texas winter gardens. While they take a few weeks to germinate, once the seedlings are established, they can withstand mild to moderate cold weather. Carrots should be planted as soon as possible in the fall, so by late December or January you can start to harvest them.

These are just a few of the vegetables that grow well in the Texas winter. By planting in the fall and watching the weather carefully, you can enjoy fresh, homegrown vegetables all through the cold winter months!

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