what vegetables to grow in florida winter

what vegetables to grow in florida winter

Vegetables to Grow in Florida Winter

Florida winters provide temperate climates, which means there are plenty of vegetable varieties that can be grown in the winter season. Whether growing in a backyard garden or in a small pot indoors, these vegetables can truly thrive in Florida.

What to Plant

Here is a list of vegetables commonly grown in the Florida winter season:

  • Lettuce: It can be grown year-round in Florida in a sunny location.
  • Broccoli: One of the few vegetables that actually produces a harvest even in colder winters.
  • Radishes: Likes lots of sun and warm temperatures in order to be happy.
  • Cabbage: Grow cabbage in part-shade, as it doesn’t like extreme heat, but a cold Florida winter provides enough cool temperatures to get it started.
  • Spinach: Spinach is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It does well in cold months, but it will die down in the heat of the summer months.
  • Peas: Growing in the garden by adding manure to the soil helps peas to thrive in Florida’s cold weather.
  • Onions: Onions need a warm day with bright sun but a cool night. This makes onions one of the best winter plants in Florida.

Tips for Planting

When planting your vegetables during the Florida winter, it’s important to follow some guidelines for optimal growth:

  • If planting in a pot indoors, choose a container that is made of a lightweight material like plastic. This will retain the moisture without making the pot too heavy.
  • Create a nutrient-rich soil for the best yields. Test the soil and add organic matter like compost and manure to the soil before planting.
  • Water deeply, as the soil needs to be evenly moist. Keep a regular watering schedule and irrigate the vegetables in the evening.
  • Mulch your plants to help retain moisture and keep weeds down. Consider using grass clippings or straw.
  • Fertilize your plants every three weeks with a balanced fertilizer. This will help to make your vegetables more nutritious.


Florida winters can be just the right temperature for growing vegetables. If you follow these tips and choose the right varieties, you can have a successful and prolific vegetable garden during the winter season.

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