what was vegeta going to name bulla

what was vegeta going to name bulla

What Was Vegeta Going to Name Bulla?

It is a widely known fact that Vegeta is one of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Vegeta is the father of Bulla, and while the other characters in the series may not agree, Vegeta cares deeply for her. However, fans have been wondering for years what Vegeta was originally going to name Bulla.

Vegeta’s Character Trait

One of Vegeta’s defining characteristics is his ambitious nature. He is always pushing himself to be stronger and be the best, so naming his daughter was an important decision for him. However, in the manga, he is usually seen being perplexed and unable to come up with a suitable name for his daughter, indicating that he had not made up his mind yet.

Possible Names That Vegeta Had Considered

Given Vegeta’s personality, it can be assumed that he was strongly considering powerful and meaningful names for his daughter. Below you can find some of the suggested names that Vegeta could have been considering:

  • Cadyn – a name derived from the Gaelic Cadhla, meaning “beautiful”
  • Melinte – a name derived from the Greek Melaina, meaning “dark” or “black”
  • Prudentia – a name derived from the Latin Prudentia, meaning “wisdom”
  • Nova – a name derived from the Latin word for “new”


Ultimately, Vegeta was able to come up with a name for his daughter and chose the name “Bulla”. However, it is still unclear what names Vegeta was originally considering for his daughter. It is possible that he was considering the names mentioned above or powerful and meaningful names of his own.

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