when he says he eats his vegetables tiktok

when he says he eats his vegetables tiktok

The TikTok Vegetable Challenge

The Latest Craze That’s Everywhere!

You’ve likely seen the funny, adorable, or wacky videos of people eating unusual vegetables and fruit on TikTok. This challenge has gone viral, and #whenhesayseatshisvegetablestiktok is one of the most popular tags with more than 4.5 billion views! It’s no wonder why so many people have taken up the challenge and gotten creative.

The person doing the challenge will say something witty like “when he says he eats his vegetables, TikTok,” before they eat their vegetables. This is usually a part of a larger skit or performance where they challenge themselves or a loved one to eat the vegetable in a funny yet unconventional way.

So, what are some of the vegetables that people are using for the challenge? Here are a few examples:

  • Carrots: This is a classic vegetable to use for this challenge. People will often cut off the end of a carrot to make it look like it has eyes and a tongue. They take a bite of it while making a funny face.
  • Cucumbers: This is another favorite among users. People will often cut out two eyes and a mouth and then take a giant bite from it.
  • Tomatoes: This is a great one to use if you have a friend around. Cut out a face from the tomato and then bite it together with your friend.
  • Mushrooms: This one can be fun, too. Cut a funny face into the mushroom and then take a bite.

People have embraced this challenge with open arms and the videos continue to get more creative each time. So, if you’re looking for an entertaining way to enjoy your vegetables, why not take up the #whenhesayseatshisvegetablestiktok challenge? Who knows, you could even go viral!

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