when is vegeta day

when is vegeta day

What is Vegeta Day?

Vegeta Day is a fan-created holiday celebrated on July 17th each year. The celebration was created by fans of the Japanese anime and manga series, Dragon Ball Z, which featured the heroic and often underdog character, Vegeta. Celebrations of Vegeta Day honor the ‘Prince of all Saiyans’ in various ways, often by watching Dragon Ball Z, discussing Vegeta’s accomplishments or organizing cosplay or fan-created art.

Origins of Vegeta Day

This special day was created in 2014 by Reddit user, sophiamarx, who proposed the 17th of July as a special day dedicated to Vegeta, which many adoring fans quickly took up. Since then, the holiday has gone on to become a global phenomenon, with fans all over the world creating memes, fan art and cosplay to celebrate the day and of course, the character of Vegeta.

Celebrating Vegeta Day

Vegeta Day is usually celebrated with enthusiasm, with people taking to social media to share art, memes and stories about the troublesome and heroic Saiyan. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate Vegeta Day:

  • Watch: Catch up on reruns of the anime or watch some YouTube clips!
  • Discuss: Have a discussion with other fans about favorite Vegeta moments!
  • Play: Play some of the Dragon Ball Z video games to enjoy some time as Vegeta!
  • Create: Create some fan art or have a cosplay competition!

Whether you’re a long-time Dragon Ball Z fan, or just starting out, there’s no better day than Vegeta Day to embrace the spirit of this beloved character. So grab some snacks, grab some friends and join in the fun on this special day for the ‘Prince of all Saiyans’!

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