when to plant vegetables in arkansas

when to plant vegetables in arkansas

When to Plant Vegetables in Arkansas

Many gardeners enjoy planting vegetable gardens in the spring and summer months. For planting success, it’s important to know when to plant vegetables in Arkansas. Each vegetable has its own planting period, but some of the more popular vegetables can be planted in Arkansas starting in late winter and early spring.

Suggested Planting Times

  • Peas: Mid-February to April
  • Carrots: Mid-February to April
  • Potatoes: March to May
  • Beans: March to May
  • Lettuce: April to June
  • Radishes: April to June
  • Cucumbers: May to July
  • Squash: May to July
  • Okra: May to July
  • Sweet Corn: May to July
  • Tomatoes: May to July

It’s important to keep in mind that the temperatures in Arkansas can vary drastically between the northern and southern portions of the state. It’s best to wait for the local soil temperatures to reach at least 65°F and to check the weather forecast to make sure there are no major frosts on the horizon. Planting too early can result in stunted growth or damaged plants.

Once your garden is planted, remember to harvest your vegetables before the cold weather arrives. If you wait too long, your vegetables may be too cold to enjoy. Arkansas typically has its first frost around mid-October, so it’s important to harvest your crops before then.

Growing Tips

To ensure success, it’s best to prepare the soil well before planting by removing weeds and adding organic material and fertilizer. Adding mulch can help to retain soil moisture, reduce weeds, and even keep soil temperatures at an optimal level. It’s also important to water your garden regularly and to remove any pests that may be present.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can have a successful and rewarding garden in Arkansas!

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