when to plant vegetables in colorado

when to plant vegetables in colorado

Planting Vegetables in Colorado

Late spring in Colorado is the ideal time to start planting vegetables in the garden. The temperature begins to rise in March and April, allowing plant growth to occur. Here is a list of what to plant in the spring:

Spring Vegetables

  • Tomatoes: These plants can tolerate cooler temperatures and need to be planted in April.
  • Peppers: Similar to tomatoes, peppers should be planted in April.
  • Squash: Summer squash likes the mild, warm weather of May.
  • Corn: Wait until the soil has warmed to about 65 degrees before planting corn, which generally occurs by late May.
  • Beans: These warm-weather vegetables should be planted have traditionally been planted after the last frost in early May.

Preparing the Soil

Before you start planting, it is important to prepare the soil by tilling or turning the soil approximately 8-12 inches deep. Spread aged manure and compost to the soil and mix it in, as this will give your vegetables the necessary nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) for growth.

Planting the Seeds

Once the soil is ready, start planting the seeds or transplants. Space the rows with 24 inches between them and space the plants (which should be grown from certified seeds or transplants) within each row around 8-12 inches apart. Make sure that the seedlings are planted at the same depth they were growing in the containers they were established in and water them thoroughly.

Planting vegetables successfully in Colorado requires patience and dedication. When done correctly, the hard work pays off with a harvest of delicious vegetables.

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