when to plant vegetables in ma

when to plant vegetables in ma

When to Plant Vegetables in Maine

Maine is a great place to grow vegetables and the most important decision you will make when it comes to successful vegetable gardening in Maine is when to start planting. Understanding the timing of when to plant vegetables in Maine can help you get the most out of your garden.

The Growing Season in Maine

Most gardeners in Maine should wait until the last frost before starting any spring planting. The average last frost in Maine typically ranges from the beginning of April in southern Maine, and the end of May in northern Maine. The typical growing season in Maine lasts from April to October and typically includes an extended period of warm sunny days in the summer months that allow for successful vegetable harvesting.

Cool Weather Crop Planting

Cool weather crops such as spinach, lettuce, beets, and onions can usually be planted in the spring between April and May, before the hot summer months arrive. Planting cool weather crops earlier in the season will ensure that you receive the most out of your plants.

Warm Weather Crop Planting

Warm weather crops such as tomatoes, peppers, squash, and corn should be planted after the last hard frost has passed. Planting this type of vegetable too early in the season can result in severe damage from frost and below freezing temperatures.

Tips For Planting

Timeliness: Make sure to plan your plantings around the last frost of the season so that you don’t risk your plants being damaged by frost or extreme cold weather.

Proper Care: Give your plants plenty of water and sunlight, and be aware of the type of soil they thrive in.

Succession Planting: Plant a few vegetables each week or month or so to ensure that you will have vegetables ready to harvest throughout the summer months.

Harvesting Your Vegetables

Vegetables should be harvested when they are at the peak of ripeness. Timing of harvesting can depend on the type of vegetables you are growing, but most vegetables should be harvested before the heat of summer hits. This will ensure that the vegetable is at its peak flavors and is the most nutritious.


Knowing when to plant vegetables in Maine is essential for a successful harvest. Follow the tips above to help you understand when to plant vegetables and when to harvest them for the best flavor and nutrition.

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