when to plant vegetables in minnesota

when to plant vegetables in minnesota

When to Plant Vegetables in Minnesota

Planting vegetables in Minnesota is an enjoyable hobby for gardeners in the area. To get the best harvest, Minnesota gardeners need to plan correctly by knowing when to plant their vegetables.

Before Planting

Before you plant any vegetables in the ground, check the temperature of the soil. Any temperature lower than 50°F can cause the cold shock of newly transplanted vegetables resulting in poor growth. Holding off planting until a steady temperature of 50-55°F is more beneficial.

Planning Ahead

Fortunately, Minnesota provides an extended growing season – March to November. To properly plan for vegetable planting, check the following guidelines:

    March – May

  • Plant seeds of all hardy vegetables outdoors
  • Begin planting short-season vegetables like radishes
  • June – August

  • Start planting tender vegetables like tomatos
  • Plant a second crop of cool weather crops, like lettuce
  • August – September

  • Plant crops like turnips and cauliflower
  • Harvest previous planted crops
  • October – November

  • Plant a winter crop of leafy greens
  • Put an end to summer vegetables

Finally, it’s important to note that these dates are just approximations and may vary depending on the region or season.

Enjoying Your Harvest

By planning ahead and knowing when to plant your vegetables, the harvest is sure to be rewarding. Enjoy your delicious vegetables and get started by cultivating your garden in Minnesota!

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