when to plant vegetables in mn

when to plant vegetables in mn

When to Plant Vegetables in Minnesota

Prime Planting Times

When planning your vegetable garden in Minnesota, you’ll need to take the time of year into account. Consider these prime planting times for vegetables:


  • Tomatoes: May 15th
  • Cabbage & Broccoli: May 10th
  • Kale & Lettuce: April 15th
  • Peppers & Eggplant: May 10th
  • Spinach & Carrots: April 15th
  • Beans: May 15th


  • Canteloupe & Watermelon: June 20th
  • Cucumbers & Summer Squash: June 10th
  • Herbs: June 20th
  • Corn: June 10th


  • Garlic: October 15th
  • Kale, Lettuce & Spinach: September 1st
  • Carrots, Beets & Onions: August 1st
  • Radishes: September 10th
  • Brussels Sprouts: August 25th
  • Cabbage & Broccoli: August 1st

Remember to always double-check your hardiness zone when planning your garden. Your location will determine when you can safely begin planting. Additionally, you may want to use the calendar above as a guide for when to remove coverings such as frost cloths and cold frames you might have installed to protect your plants from a sudden cold temperature drop.

Finally, consider the length of your growing season when planning your garden. Depending on the location, Minnesota’s growing season may be shorter due to colder evens, so you may wish to start vegetables a bit earlier or delay their plantation if you’d like to extend the harvesting season. Good luck!

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