when to plant vegetables in zone 7

when to plant vegetables in zone 7

When to Plant Vegetables in Zone 7

Zone 7 is a region of the US characterized by mild winter temperatures that are too cold to winter over warm season crops. In order to find the best planting dates for vegetables, gardeners must be aware of the zone 7 climate in which they live.

Pre-Planting Timing

Before planting vegetables in Zone 7, there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

  • Average Last Frost Date: This is determined by the average date of the last freeze which happens sometime between late February and early April.
  • Daylength: Some vegetables need 14-16 hours of direct sunlight to grow, meaning that they will not have time to full mature prior to the first frost.
  • Wind Chill: Fall and spring winds can cause low temperatures to rapidly drop, killing delicate seedlings.

When to Plant

The best time to plant vegetables in Zone 7 is just after the average last frost date.

  • Cool-season crops: These crops will tolerate low temperatures and can be planted roughly six to eight weeks before the last frost date.
  • Warm-season crops: These crops require warmer temperatures to grow and will not tolerate cold temperatures. They should be planted roughly two weeks after the last frost date.

Selecting Seeds and Plants

When selecting seeds or plants, gardeners should be sure to read the labels for any specific growing requirements, such as spacing and sunlight requirements, to ensure they are choosing the best varieties for the climate.


In conclusion, planting vegetables in Zone 7 is a great way to grow a variety of fresh produce during the cooler months. By understanding the Zone 7 climate, gardeners can determine the best timing for planting cool and warm season crops. With this information, gardeners will be well on their way to harvesting a bountiful harvest!

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