where is vegeta in xenoverse 2

where is vegeta in xenoverse 2

Where is Vegeta in Xenoverse 2?

Xenoverse 2 is a popular video game described as a “mashup between Dragon Ball Z, a fighting game, and a role-playing game”. Players create their own avatars to defeat enemies and save the universe, while also interacting with key characters from the show. The question is – where is Vegeta in Xenoverse 2?

Vegeta’s Role in the Game

Vegeta plays a major role in the game and is unlocked by completing the main story. Afterward, Vegeta can be found in the main hub city of Conton City. Players can interact with Vegeta by speaking to him, giving him gifts, and doing special quests for him.

The Vegeta Cup Tournament

The Vegeta Cup is an in-game tournament sponsored by Vegeta himself! With it comes a chance to earn special items and rewards, as well as have Vegeta join the player’s team in battle – a unique opportunity for sure. The tournament is unlocked by completing the normal challenges and is accessible from the tournament plaza in Conton City.

Vegeta’s Quests

Vegeta offers a number of unique side missions and quests to help players power up. Some of these include:

  • Tournament Training: Take on missions to prepare for the Vegeta Cup.
  • Training with Vegeta: Get battle tips and advice from Vegeta.
  • Advance Training: Train with Vegeta to get access to rare items.


Vegeta is an essential part of the Xenoverse 2 experience and is essential for any aspiring fighter. With his special quests and in-game tournaments, his presence is truly felt in the game. So, now you can answer the question – where is Vegeta in Xenoverse 2? He’s all around, just waiting for you!

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