where to buy cardoon vegetable near me

where to buy cardoon vegetable near me

Where to Find Cardoon Vegetable Near You

Cardoon, also known as artichoke thistle, is a tasty, versatile vegetable. But with its unique flavor and biology, finding and managing cardoon can be tricky. Today, we’ll cover where to buy cardoon, and how to prepare this stunning vegetable.

Where to Buy Cardoon Near You

Cardoon can be hard to come by in some areas. Your best bet is to check your local farmer’s market or natural food store. Oftentimes, these markets will have cardoon for sale. If not, you can always try an ethnic grocer. Mexican or Middle-Eastern markets are more likely to have fresh, high-quality cardoon.

If you can’t find cardoon at a local grocery, you can take to the web. Here are two great online stores that sell cardoon:

  • Farm Fresh To You—A service that delivers fresh, sustainably-farmed produce to your door.
  • Melissa’s Produce —A nationally recognized produce proveder with delivery around the country.

Preparation Tips for Cardoon

Once you’ve got your hands on some cardoon, there are a few tips to ensure you’re using the freshest stalks.

  • When buying, pick stalks that are firm and crisp—not ones starting to wilt.
  • You’ll need to trim off the outer leaves, then cut off the thorns.
  • Cardoon can be eaten raw or cooked. For a crisp raw flavor, mix it into salads or use for crudites. If cooking, sauté or steam for a mild, enjoyable flavor.

Once you’ve read this, you’re ready to take on cardoon. Try some today for a delicious flavorful treat!

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