which vegetable are you

which vegetable are you

Which vegetable are you?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, which vegetable are you? Are you the sweet, sweet potato? Or the mighty, majestic carrot?

No matter what vegetable you are, you can still find traits in yourself that match up with some of your favourite vegetables. Here are a few examples:


Tomatoes are sweet, juicy and versatile. A person who is like a tomato tends to be sociable, popular and have a sunny disposition. They are great at adapting to new scenarios, and thrive in social atmospheres.


Carrots are strong, sturdy and versatile. A person liked a carrot is usually responsible and resourceful. They often take the lead, and they have strong opinions that they are not afraid to express.


Peas are small but mighty. People who are like peas thrive in small groups, and are great collaborators. They are often creative and imaginative, and work well with others.


Cucumbers are cool, calm and collected. A person who is like a cucumber tends to be collected, relaxed, and is able to stay level-headed even in chaotic situations. They think critically and always strive for balance.

No matter what vegetable you feel most reflects your personality, you can always find something in yourself that matches up. Have fun testing your vegetable nature, and enjoy the delicious possibilities!

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