who is vegeta’s mother

who is vegeta’s mother

Who is Vegeta’s Mother?

Vegeta, one of the most iconic characters of the Dragon Ball franchise, makes an appearance in all three series, and plays a major role in the storylines. But who is Vegeta’s mother?

Queen Tarble

Queen Tarble is Vegeta’s mother, who was introduced in the 2009 film, Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return. Queen Tarble is the queen of the arcosian race, and is the wife of King Vegeta. Queen Tarble is a calm and gentle person, who cares a great deal for her family and people.

Brief Listing of Vegeta’s Family Members

To better understand the dynamics of Vegeta’s family, here is a quick list of his known family members:

  • King Vegeta– Vegeta’s father, the ruler of the saiyan race
  • Queen Tarble– Vegeta’s mother, the queen of the arcosian race
  • Bulla– Vegeta’s daughter and princess of the saiyan race
  • Raditz– Vegeta’s brother, who is not directly related to him


In conclusion, Vegeta’s mother is Queen Tarble, the gentle queen of the arcosian race. Tarble has no direct involvement in the Dragon Ball franchise, but is still an important figure in the Vegeta family tree.

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