why are fresh vegetables sprinkled with water at markets

why are fresh vegetables sprinkled with water at markets

The Benefits of Sprinkling Fresh Vegetables with Water at Markets

Vegetables are an essential part of healthy diets. At markets, vegetable traders often sprinkle water on the produce to give them extra shine and a fresh look.

Why Are Fresh Vegetables Sprinkled with Water?

The primary reason why fresh vegetables are sprinkled with water is to help them look more appealing to potential buyers. Water gives the vegetables a glossy, glistening look and gives them an additional boost in visual appeal.

Aside from making the vegetables look attractive, it also helps preserve the freshness and crispness of the produce. Sprinkling the vegetables with water prevents them from wilting or drying out.

Advantages of Sprinkling Water on Fresh Vegetables

There are several advantages to sprinkling water on fresh vegetables. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Preserves freshness: Sprinkling water on vegetables helps them stay fresh for longer periods, keeping them crisp and appetizing for potential buyers.
  • Maintains moisture: Moisture helps vegetables prevent drying or wilting, maintaining a fresh, attractive appearance.
  • Improves taste: Adding water to fresh vegetables can help improve their flavor, making them more delicious.


Sprinkling fresh vegetables with water is a common practice at markets to give the vegetables a glossy finish and maintain their freshness for longer periods. This age-old method not only helps the vegetables look attractive but also helps maintain their moisture and taste.

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