why are my vegetables freezing in the crisper

why are my vegetables freezing in the crisper

Why Are My Vegetables Freezing in the Crisper?

When your vegetables are continuously freezing in the crisper, it can be a very frustrating experience. But what causes this problem? In order to help solve this problem, here are a few of the common reasons why:

Improper Temperature

One of the most common causes of frozen vegetables is because the temperature in your refrigerator is too low. Most refrigerators are designed to run between 35-38°F. If the temperature is lower, it can quickly cause food items stored inside to freeze, including your vegetables.

Too Much Airflow

Another cause of freezing vegetables is too much airflow from the vents inside of your fridge. If these vents are not in the proper place, the cold air can circulate directly onto your vegetables, causing them to freeze.

Overstocked Crisper Drawers

Finally, if you’re overstuffing your crisper drawers, this can cause cold air to circulate around the vegetables, which can lead to freezing. Try to keep your vegetables in loose piles instead of tightly packed in order to keep them from freezing.

Preventing Your Vegetables From Freezing

  • Check the Temperature in Your Refrigerator – Make sure your refrigerator is set to the correct temperature of between 35-38°F.
  • Check the Airflow in Your Refrigerator – Make sure that the vents in your fridge are located in the right places, and not causing cold air to circulate directly on to your vegetables.
  • Don’t Overstock Your Crisper Drawers – Leave some space between your vegetables so cold air won’t circulate around them as much.

By following these simple tips, you can help prevent your vegetables from freezing in the crisper.

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