why did beerus destroy planet vegeta

why did beerus destroy planet vegeta

Why Did Beerus Destroy Planet Vegeta?

Beerus, a character from the Dragon Ball Z franchise, is an immensely powerful destroyer god who was sent by Frieza to find and kill the legendary Super Saiyan God. In the end, Beerus and Vegeta do battle, and when Beerus realizes he is losing, he creates a massive energy blast that engulfs the entire planet, completely destroying it.

Reasons for the Destruction

The destruction of Planet Vegeta had several reasons:

  • Vegeta’s Pride: Vegeta is an arrogant character, and often let his pride get in the way of making reasonable decisions. Since Beerus was not defeated, Vegeta saw his pride and honor as being tarnished, and so chose to make a grand statement to prove his strength and power.
  • Beerus was in Danger: Given the tremendous power of Beerus, it is understandable that he would want to protect himself from further danger. By destroying the planet, Beerus was able to put a decisive end to the fight and escape with minimal damage to himself.
  • It Was Inevitable: The destruction of Planet Vegeta had been foreshadowed since the beginning of the series, with various hints being given and characters speculating on its inevitable fate. As this was a part of the series’ overall narrative, Beerus’ destruction of the planet was ultimately a necessary plot point.

Aftermath of the Destruction

The destruction of Planet Vegeta had far reaching consequences in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Namely, it resulted in the deaths of the majority of Frieza’s minions, the disappearance of the once-powerful Saiyans, and the emergence of powerful new enemies in their absence.

For the few surviving Saiyans, the destruction of Planet Vegeta became a rallying cry for the species, and inspired them to rebuild and reclaim their place within the universe.


In conclusion, Beerus destroyed Planet Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z because of Vegeta’s pride, his own drive to survive, and for the sake of the story. The aftermath of the destruction was catastrophic, as it lead to the decimation of the entire Saiyan race, and served as a catalyst for powerful new enemies.

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