why did vegeta have red hair

why did vegeta have red hair

Why Did Vegeta Have Red Hair?

The Dragon Ball series is definitely one of the most iconic anime franchises. But one of the things that fans tend to wonder about from time to time is why one of the characters, Vegeta, had red hair in the original series. Though the franchise has been updated, Vegeta still retains this feature. There are multiple theories on why Vegeta has red hair.

Theory One: It Is A Sign Of Power

One popular theory is that Vegeta’s red hair is a sign of power. This is something that is seen throughout literature and pop culture, where heroes or villains with red hair are seen as powerful forces to be reckoned with. The red hair could also be a sign of a strong will and determination, which is one of Vegeta’s most defining qualities.

Theory Two: It Is A Tribute To The Author

Another theory is that Vegeta’s red hair is a tribute to the author of the series, Akira Toriyama. Toriyama is known for his love of all things red, and so it is believed that Vegeta’s hair could be a nod to him. It could also be a way for him to express his connection to the character.

Theory Three: It Is A Visual Symbol For Vegeta’s Bad Temper

The third theory is that Vegeta’s red hair is a visual symbol for his bad temper and tendency to lose his temper in a fight. With his red hair, it could be said that Vegeta is channeling his inner anger and rage, and that this is expressed through his hair color.


All in all, there are multiple theories as to why Vegeta has red hair in the Dragon Ball series. Whether it is a sign of power, a tribute to the author, or a visual symbol of his temper, Vegeta’s red hair is one of the defining characteristics that makes him stand out in the series.

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