why did vegeta turn good

why did vegeta turn good

Why Did Vegeta Turn Good?

As one of the most beloved characters in the Dragon Ball universe, Vegeta has gone through a lot of transformation over the decades. From a villain to a hero and then eventually to an anti-hero, the small yet powerful Saiyan has come a long way since he first appeared in the anime. One of the most notable changes in Vegeta was when he went from a villain to a good person. So why did Vegeta turn good? Let’s take a look.

His Friendship With Goku

When Vegeta and Goku were first introduced, they were more than just rivals– they were enemies. Vegeta was determined to prove himself superior to Goku and obtain the same level of power. Despite this rivalry, the two eventually grew closer, becoming good friends. This friendship was instrumental in Vegeta’s development as it gave him a sense of purpose beyond power and led him to make the decision to turn to good.

His Willingness to Protect the People Around Him

In addition to his friendship with Goku, Vegeta was also driven by his desire to protect the people around him– particularly his family. This was demonstrated when he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect Future Trunks from Cell. This incident showed that Vegeta was willing to put others before himself, which was an integral part of him turning to good.

His Desire for Redemption

Lastly, a major factor in Vegeta’s decision to turn good was his desire for redemption for the evils he had committed in the past. Vegeta had done some terrible things when he was still a villain, such as attacking innocent people without remorse. This led him to feel guilt and remorse for his past actions, which eventually led him to turn to good in order to make up for his wrongdoings.


Vegeta’s transformation from a villain to a hero is one of the most inspiring stories in the Dragon Ball universe. His turning good was a result of various factors such as his friendship with Goku, his willingness to put others before himself, and his desire for redemption. All of these components combined to give Vegeta the motivation he needed to make the decision to turn to the good side.

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