why is vegeta always mad

Why is Vegeta Always Mad?

Vegeta, the prince of the fallen Saiyan race, is a major character of the Dragon Ball franchise. Vegeta is known for his intense anger and pride, which often lead him to pursuing strength and power. But why is Vegeta always so mad?

A Craving for Power

One of the main reasons for Vegeta’s anger and rage is his craving for power and strength. As a Saiyan, power and strength run in his blood. Vegeta is driven by a desire to be the strongest warrior in the universe, and will go to any lengths to reach that goal. This often puts him in contact with powerful enemies, and Vegeta’s anger and pride cause him to push himself to his limits to surpass them.

A Fallout with Frieza

Vegeta’s rivalry with Frieza also contributes to his anger. Vegeta was once Frieza’s faithful henchman, but after Frieza destroyed the Saiyan race, Vegeta harbored a deep-seated grudge against him. This hatred fuels Vegeta’s anger, as he hates Frieza for manipulating him to do his bidding.

A Grand Sense of Pride

Finally, Vegeta’s grand sense of pride plays a role in his anger. Vegeta’s royal heritage gives him a feeling of superiority over others, and he can’t stand being viewed as anything less than the prince he believes he is. This pride often leads Vegeta to be dismissive of others, and often leads to arguments.


So, why is Vegeta always so mad? His craving for power, his rivalry with Frieza, and his grand sense of pride all contribute to Vegeta’s often intense anger. While Vegeta’s anger can be off-putting at times, it is also a major source of his strength and passion, which makes him a powerful character in the Dragon Ball universe.

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