why is vegeta’s hair red

why is vegeta’s hair red

Why is Vegeta’s Hair Red?

Vegeta is one of the most iconic characters from the Dragon Ball series and his red hair is a big part of his image. But why is Vegeta’s hair red in the first place?

Unusual Hair Color for a Saiyan

It is unusual for a Saiyan to have red hair, as Saiyans generally have black, brown or blonde hair. This is because red hair is a recessive genetic trait, which means that both Vegeta’s parents had to have the gene for red hair in order for him to be born with it.

Symbolism and Significance of the Color Red

The color red is often seen as a symbol of power, passion and strength. This could be why Vegeta has red hair – it reflects his unrivaled strength and passion for becoming the universe’s strongest fighter. He also often wears red clothing, which helps to make his overall look even more powerful.

Influence from Other Sources

Some fans believe that Vegeta’s red hair was also influenced by other popular characters from Japanese media, such as Mumen from Street Fighter and Kintaro from Samurai Shodown. Both characters have bright red hair, and are also renowned for their strength and power. It could be that Vegeta is based on them, at least in part.


So, it looks like there are a few reasons why Vegeta has red hair. It could be to show his strength and power, it could be that he has the recessive gene, or it could be that he’s based on other powerful characters with red hair. Whatever the real reason, it certainly looks great and helps to make Vegeta an even more iconic character.

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